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Playing uniform

  • All players MUST wear a mouthguard and shin pads (umpires please check all players before starting the game)

  • Players are to wear the correct team uniform when on the hockey field.  This should consist of a team T-shirt at least and suitable footwear.

  • Jerseys may be worn under T-shirts if it is a really cold day

  • No peaked caps to be worn (beanies okay though)

  • No jewelry, watches, rings or bracelets should be worn when playing (they might get lost or can hurt other people)


  • Click here for a map of Linden park with field numbers



  • Put all rubbish in the bins provided

  • Show respect when other teams are playing

  • Keep all comments on and off the field positive

  • Keep off the field when games are in play



  • If possible, your school will be contacted by 1.00pm on Friday afternoon

  • Any cancellations will be posted on the Facebook page



  • All teams are required to provide umpires and the team named first on the draw is expected to umpire any given game


First Aid

  • There will be no first aid supplied by the club

  • All teams should have a basic first aid kit including cold water and ice

  • Any player with an open and/or bleeding wound must leave the field to be attended to


Start times

  • Assemble at least 10 minutes before your game is due to start away from the field of play

  • Please be ready to start your game at the designated time

  • If you start late you may not make up time your game time will be shortened.  So be on the field ready to play by the start time.  There is no leeway for games to run late.

  • There is no injury time.  If a player is injured, treat the injury and continue the game as soon as possible.


The Draw

  • The draw will be posted on the website at the beginning of each round.



  • The aim of KiwiHockey is to provide enjoyable, fair games for children with the emphasis on participation rather than the final score

  • If any disputes arise about a game, approach the umpire at halftime or the end of the game for clarification

  • If necessary, contact the Tawa Hockey Club junior convenor



  • Sticks that are no higher than the player’s hip.  The back (rounded) side of the stick may NOT be used at all

  • A white or coloured hockey ball up to 160g and 23cm in circumference

  • Shin pads inside knee-high socks are strongly recommended

  • Mouthguards are compulsory



  • Two teams of up to 6 players may be on the field at any one time

  • Both coaches must agree to the equal number of extra players being on the field before the game starts

  • Reserve players can be interchanged freely during the game


Playing times​

  • Two 20 minute halves with a 5 minute halftime


Starting the game

  • Team captains will spin a stick to see which team starts the game (team captains to choose the flat or rounded side of the stick).  The losing team chooses the field end

  • The game starts with a hit or push back from the centre spot – each team must have all their players in their own half of the field

  • After each goal, the team who conceded the goal will restart the game from the halfway line

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